Last night I had the great pleasure to experience a culinary journey through the vegetarian summer kitchen.


In cooperation with Tian Restaurant Munich, Book Publisher Nikolaus Brandstätter presented the new cookbook “Vegetarische Sommerküche” by Paul Ivic.






It´s been especially nice to meet Star Chef Paul Ivic and to talk to him personally about his new book. His recipes usually develop spontaneously …  special herbs here … seasonal vegatables there … and the creation process begins in his mind … paired with childhood memories … always NATURE … and … of course … input of the best Master Chefs throughout his career … an emotional affair.

That reminds me a little bit of creating a “look” … I start with a nice jacket … team it with cropped pants … piece by piece … add a white blouse and FLAVOUR with fancy strap sandals … my outfit of the day recipe … spontaneous and passionate:)


Healthy Food meets Fitness … Paul Ivic & Sarah Kraatz Personal Fitness Coach Munich having a great time yesterday evening.

Frame Artist

Natascha Sagorski (Schaffelhuber Communications) interviewing Nikolaus Brandstätter.

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Paul Ivic signing my very personal edition … Natascha Sagorski with Christian Halper, owner of Tian Group.

Paul Ivic & his family




Paul Ivic`s favorite recipe of the new book  “Zwetschgen-Tarte” (Plum Tarte) … “I am not a good master baker, but I still remember the smell of cake in the oven when I came home from school and that made me feel just happy”, he told me last night …

If you want to know how delicious it tastes … click here


Thank you Schaffelhuber Communications for that fantastic invitation!