A few weeks ago, I was so happy to get an invitation to test a Barre-Fusion workout at Studio 12 here in Munich Bogenhausen. I had some knee problems that time and promised to attend that special training as soon as the knee would be fine again. In the meanwhile I read about Studio 12 in the newest Madame May issue (page 116) and got more and more curious about that workout that would optimize my body silhouette in a very short time …


Finally … I booked my training for last Wednesday. You have to register in advance and get a confirmation … so Tanja Krodel and Anja Riesenberg, founder of Studio 12 make sure, that lessons are never overbooked.

The first impression of Studio 12 is just beautiful. High ceilings, lots of windows and parquet floors create a very pleasant atmosphere.


Ladies locker & showers








The “Torture Chamber” :) …



60 minutes … and I admit, I had to pause sometimes in between … it was really hard for me … but the motivation is higher than ever … The training was a mixture of different exercises with balls,  dumbbells and cotton exercise bands … always the ballet barre in focus. Each muscle group is trained and stretched immediately after.


… never wanted this coconut water so much!


… and yes … there is fashion also … you feel so much better wearing the right training clothes.




For detailed information about Studio 12 click here please … or just stop by at Possartstraße 12, 81679 München … you will love it!