Studio 12

A few weeks ago, I was so happy to get an invitation to test a Barre-Fusion workout at Studio 12 here in Munich Bogenhausen. I had some knee problems that time and promised to attend that special training as soon as the knee would be fine again. In the meanwhile I read about Studio 12 in the newest Madame May issue (page 116) and got more and more curious about that workout that would optimize my body silhouette in a very short time …



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Dirndl a l` Africaine …

On my last Capetown flight, I was so very inspired by the dresses and shirts the hotel staff was wearing at my crew hotel. The colorful african prints were just so beautiful that I asked the concierge where to buy those fantastic fabrics … but he just laughed at me and said, that I would look great in my navy blue uniform:)



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A beautiful piece of jewelry completes every outfit … and like every now and then it may add a special message … so I was most happy when I got the invitation from Nana Mohr PR to attend a lovely dinner at the new Coronelle store here in Munich that has just opened.




After her history of art studies in Berlin and several years of work for an art gallery … Cornelia Henze … the artist herself followed her personal passion for jewelry … especially pearls and precious stones … and moved to Munich to start her work in the jewelry sector. With a particularly loving attention to detail and lasting value her creations are timeless … yet modern.


Earrings of the silver collection


The colorful earrings line Fleure …  inspired by the colors of the paintings by artists such as Matisse, Kirchner & Nolde










Stop by the new store at Holzstraße 24 (Gärtnerplatz Viertel) and get inspired …:)

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