Color & Print … tastic evening at Friendly Hunting Store Munich

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to be part of the presentation of the current collection of Friendly Hunting that took place at the Munich Store … It has been a true color explosion … a lovely show … great atmosphere, music and wonderful people.

On the picture we are wearing finest cashmere and silk print pieces that are currently available in stores … waiting for YOU 🙂

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Holiday Looks

looks0716 - 30

Striped blouse by Gembalies, batik scarf by Oysho, Oran sandals by Hermes and beach basket by Mar y Sol.

looks0716 - 4

Kaftan & matching pants by H&M Studio Collection 2015, lace-up sandals by Uterque

looks0716 - 10

Bright green embroidered top and feather culotte by Zara, satin mule with gems by Uterque.

looks0716 - 32


looks0716 - 12

Silk dress by H&M Studio Collection 2017, sandals by K.Jacques.

looks0716 - 31


looks0716 - 24

Black lace maxi dress by Zara, sandals by Uterque.

looks0716 - 17


looks0716 - 26

Gold Miami top  & suede belt by Gembalies, print wide pants by Zara, sandals by Hermes. Tassel earring souvenir from Muttrah Souq.

looks0716 - 28

One last view before going home … Al Husn Muscat

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Al Quoz

looks0716 - 8 (1)

Hey .. how much we love the blue sky! This morning we are exploring Al Quoz Area with lots of interesting galleries, cafes, shops and more including a chocolate factory …


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looks0716 - 6


looks0716 - 1 (3)

First day Dubai … and heavy rain showers … the best reason to visit the world`s biggest Indoor Mall … DUBAI MALL

looks0716 - 2 (2)


looks0716 - 5

Yeeees … slides are the shoes of the season … I guess …

looks0716 - 3


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